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Viva Decor Candle Transfer Wax 250 ml

  • £7.99

Candle Transfer Wax 250 ml Ideally, everyday candles are first colored (e.g., with Inka Gold or Wax Pen) and then - as the finishing touch - decorated with lettering and photos. Specifically developed new Candle Transfer Wax is for just that purpose. An additional protective lacquer for the candle is not required since both products are wax-based. The self-designed ornaments can be therefore be burned without worry, albeit with regret. Candle Transfer Wax is water-based burns without residue Preparation: Stir well before use Protect containers from frost and heat Processing: Use mirrored laser printouts or laser copies (no inkjet printouts). Coat the candle and the back of the image with a soft flat brush. Press the image against the candles evenly, using a squeegee or the like, and allow to dry for 24 hours. After the drying time, soak the paper layer with a sponge and rub away the wet paper fibers. Then apply candle transfer wax again to seal the motif

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