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Viva Decor Pearl Pen 25ml Ice White

  • £3.49

Pearl Pen (Perlen Pen) is applied directly from the writer nib bottle/pen to the surface and forms -2mm-8mm "pearl-like" half beads. The paint is water based. Create beautiful dimensional shimmering pearl details in a variety of sizes on your papercraft, textile and wood projects. Suitable for application onto papers, textiles, wood and terracotta. See instructions on the product label. Sir or shake paint well before use. Wash textiles (without fabric softner) before application. Machine-washible (inside out) up to 30°c or 86°f. To use - hold the pen vertically and apply even light pressure to the squeezeable tube. Allow drying time for the pearls to harden. The paint is water soluble when wet for easy clean up. 25ml fine nozzle tip pen. Iron decorated textiles at a medium heat on the reverse side.

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