Viva Decor Silicone Stamp Journey 14x18 - Lilly Grace Crafts

Viva Decor Silicone Stamp Journey 14x18

  • £4.49

Silicone Stamp Journey 14 x 18 cm. Not only lots of new motifs, but also a new name! Our Silicone Stamps are now called Clear Stamps�. Beautiful motifs with multiple combination possibilities. Our clear stamps are particularly suitable for fine contours. They are easy to place, self-adhering to acrylic stamp blocks, easy to clean with water, and reusable. The key to succeed in any design. Clear stamp processing: Pull off the clear stamp from the carrier foil and place it on the acrylic block. Lightly dab the paint with a sponge brush on the raised areas of the stamp. Clear Stamps (Stamp-Set Size: 14 x 18 cm

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